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How An Audible Membership Works

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Choose Your Plan

To start, try a free 30-day trial of Audible, Amazon’s audiobook service, and enjoy the same privileges as paid members. You can download or stream titles directly from Audible to build a library that stays with you as long as you are a member. Choose from two plans.

Audible Plus

An Audible Plus membership provides unlimited access to over 760,000 audiobooks and 100,000 podcasts in the Audible Plus Catalog. Stream titles instantly using the app. You can download and enjoy them offline. The membership is $7.95 per month after the trial.

Audible Premium Plus

Audible Premium Plus includes all the benefits of the Audible Plus membership. You can also keep one additional title per month forever from Audible’s extended best-seller and new release selection. The membership is only $14.95 per month after the free trial. Cancel at any time.

Access Your Favorite Books and Podcasts On Demand

Audiobooks are the hands-free way to multitask while saving time and money from going to the bookstore. You can listen to your books while playing, working, traveling, or resting with your eyes closed. It’s a fun way for kids to enjoy bedtime stories too.

Audible Common FAQs

Audible provides its members with the world’s largest selection of audiobooks, podcasts, and exclusive originals. You have unlimited access during the 30-day free trial. If you like what you hear and enjoy the membership, you don’t need to do anything. Your membership will automatically renew, but we’ll send you an email reminder.

You download Audibles free app on your iOS or Android device. You can enjoy listening on any Alexa-enabled device, compatible Fire tablets, Kindles, Sonos devices, and others.

All members can listen to thousands of audiobooks, podcasts, originals, and more in the Plus Catalog.

The advantage of a Premium Plus membership is they get one credit* for any titles in the premium selection. They can keep any title purchased with a credit forever, regardless of membership. They also have access to exclusive sales and receive 30% off all additional premium selection purchases.

*One credit = One title. The number of credits varies based on your membership plan. Credits expire after one year.

The Audible Plus costs $7.95 per month after the free trial.

The Audible Premium Plus costs $14.95 per month and includes everything in the Plus Catalog. Members receive one credit per month for any premium selection title. You can add credits to keep more books. All titles you purchase with credit are yours to keep forever.

Yes. Amazon Prime members receive one additional credit when they start an Audible Premium Plus trial. They get 2 credits to purchase any titles from the Audibles premium selection. After the trial, all members receive 1 credit per month.

There are no commitments. You can easily cancel your membership at any time. All titles purchased with a credit are yours to keep forever.

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